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Water Well Drilling


Performance, reliability and overall tool life are the key factors to be considered when purchasing water well drill tooling. Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C DTH Hammers and Drill Bits are manufactured utilizing premium grade alloy steels to extremely precise tolerances ensuring maximum performance and tool life. Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C's unique patented tool designs offer todays production minded contractors the lowest energy consumption and highest productivity rates in the industry. Over many years Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C has gained an industry leading reputation for offering outstanding drilling products to the global Water Well industry.

Clean water is a necessity all people need. Water well drilling is a means by which to get water to areas that don't have fresh running water. Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C has supplied the drilling tools that have drilled water wells all over the world.

Water wells are primarily drilled by setting surface casing and drilled using conventional rotary or percussion drilling equipment. Once the surface casing is set the driller advances the drill sting into a stable ground formation until a geological formation containing or conducting ground water is located. Cased holes are then drilled into the water table, and a pump is installed to excavate fresh water from the ground.

Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C has the products and solutions to help any driller drill an effective water well. Providing water well drilling equipment, water well-drilling tools and custom drilling tools.

Pioneers For Mining Trading Water Well Drilling