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Air Compressor

Discover our range of reliable industrial air compressors with the lowest life cycle cost. Energy-efficient and with a small footprint, our air compressors are suited for any application.

Top Hammer

Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C is truly a worldwide player and is offering high quality products to the market. Currently we are supplying over many countries and continue to increase the number of sales districts.

DTH Down The Hole

A "Down-the-Hole" Hammer is probably the most important component on the drill rig and the DTH system holds many advantages over other alternatives, for instance:


Reverse Circulation Hammers

Reverse circulation drilling is similar to air core drilling. The cuttings are returned to the surface through an inner tube and collected for later use.

Drilling Pipes & Accessories

We supply friction welded drill pipes in the range 48-140mm outer diameter. Friction welding is a controlled process that achieves a high strength bond between the tube and tool joints.

Drilling Fluid & Lubricants

The drilling-fluid system—commonly known as the "mud system"—is the single component of the well-construction process that remains in contact with the wellbore throughout the entire


Tricone Drill Bits

Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C Advanced Performance (AP) tricone drill bits are supplied using aircraft quality steel and premium carbide grades developed to suit the toughest application.

Foundation Drilling

With simultaneous casing drilling DTH found its way to construction industry, which had a need to find a method to get the casings into complex ground conditions.

Drilling Rigs

MTM-150 DTHR combination Drill Rig mounted on Tata Truck 407 (4 X 4 wheel drive) with top head drive, hydraulics driven by truck engine is capable of drilling 150mtrs.


Spare Parts

Excavators, Bull Dozers, Motor Graders, Wheel Loaders, Dump Trucks, Forestry Equipment, and Mining Equipment We offer wide range of OEM and alternative parts.

Geotechnical & Diamond Tools

Geotechnical drilling is a type of drilling that is performed as part of the construction process. This is mainly for structures such as buildings and oil rigs,

UPVC Casing & Screens

Highest Quality uPVC Well Casing and Screen Pipes for Water Well Construction Casing Pipes & Screen Pipes are used for Bore


HDD – Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a construction technique whereby a tunnel is drilled under a waterway or other designated area, and a pipeline or