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Top Hammer Drilling Tools


Pioneers For Mining Trading Top Hammer

Pioneers For Mining Trading has been developing and promoting rock drilling tools in Middle East and Africa region for past 5 years. Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C is truly a worldwide player and is offering high quality products to the global market.Currently we are supplying over 50 countries and continue to increase the number of sales districts.

Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C Rock Tools products are supplied from highly wear resistant steel and our own in house produced tungsten carbide inserts.These tungsten carbide inserts are designed and produced by experienced engineers using the most advanced computer technology.

Using this new computer technology, these tungsten carbide inserts are combined with the special steel bodies developed by Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C provide the client with unbeatable consistent quality.

What is more,each bit body is marked with a supplying lot number that allows precise tracking and control through the full history of the supplying process of tungsten carbide inserts and steel bodies.

Pioneers For Mining Trading F.Z.C has been a leader in helping to achieve remarkable technological innovations that have propelled the mining, construction and quarry industries to the highest drilling efficiencies.